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Social Skills Stories for Readers and Nonreaders K-12
7 months ago

This new product from Appsense is sure to make learning social skills fun. It's a great way to teach kids how to interact with others. If they are using an iPad or an iPhone, this app can also be used with the devices that support apps for the platform.


Social Skills Stories is quick and easy, so you could even add or modify a story on the go. The application also comes with a lock function to prevent any accidental changes or edits to the data. Social Skills Stories allows you to view the full grid of pages within the app, and it also enables you to view the story along with each participant for each challenge or event. In addition, you can listen to the story and use tools on the screen to add expressions, to indicate your responses, and to indicate actions you took during the story.


With the use of voice recognition technology, you can record your own voice for each participant in Social Skills Stories. These voices are then played back in a range of different voices. Each participant will then have the opportunity to give feedback, giving you a unique opportunity to tailor the lesson based on their feedback. If the student has feedback that was specific to that problem, it will be captured as well, giving you the ability to apply that learning in the real world.


Some of the basic social skills stories you might find in an iPad or iPhone program include: How to Play with Gold, Do Good Shopping, Eat at the Store, Clean Up After Yourself, Earn Coins, Learn About Cooperation, and Learn About Service. Some of the more challenging topics include: How to Build Trust, How to Get Close to Your Spouse, Learn About Salesmanship, and Build Up Confidence. All of these lessons will teach students how to take control of social situations in order to achieve the desired result. They will also demonstrate to students how to work with others in order to get the results they want. Check out this link https://shop.adapted4specialed.com/collections/social-stories to find out more.


If you would like to record your own Social Skills Stories using a voice recorder, you should look for software that comes with a voice recognition function. This means that when you record your voice, the software will transcribe it to a text file that can be read by most transcription programs. A lot of the time, the voice recognition software is very accurate, but it does require some patience to learn the process. The other option for recording social stories is to use an iPod. Simply put the story that you are recording onto an iPod, and allow the song to play through your speakers. You may need to adjust the volume and other options in order to hear the story clearly.


The use of pictures and photographs to help students improve their social interaction skills is becoming more popular. Although this is a relatively new method, using photographs has proven to be helpful in many learning areas, such as English class. Using a photo to illustrate a lesson or activity can help make the lesson come alive to help students improve their social skills. 


Learn more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_narrative

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